Multi-Vehicle Crash On Turnpike Leads To Overturned Tractor-Trailer In Ditch

According to this report from Local 10, a portion of Florida’s Turnpike had to be partially closed because of an accident that happened near northwest Miami-Dade. This happened last Wednesday morning at around 5:15 a.m.

A crash involving three passenger vehicles involved a tractor-trailer. As a result of the force of the impact, the big rig was pushed off the highway and ended up in the embankment where it overturned. Apparently, the other three vehicles involved in the collision also overturned.

Miami-Dade Rescue officials responded promptly to help those trapped in the wreckage. As late as 7:00 in the morning, Sky 10 captured images of firefighters working to free the still-trapped driver of the big rig. This accident happened on the southbound lanes of the Turnpike, leading to massive traffic backups.

After the driver of the big rig was finally freed from the overturned vehicle, he was immediately air-lifted to a trauma center because of the injuries he suffered in the accident.

The cause of this crash, an accident that required the response of 18 MDFR units, the Miami-Dade Technical Rescue Team, and a trauma surgeon, is still under investigation by authorities. Thankfully, none of the injuries that resulted from this multi-vehicle accident were life-threatening.