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Our law group works with some of the most respected, experienced and capable car accident lawyers in Miami. We have the resources and the knowledge to assist with almost any kind of car accident claim—no matter what happened.

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How do I know if I need a lawyer for my car accident?

Our advice is simple: it never hurts to check.

Car accident claims are complicated. Your insurance company is supposed to look out for you—but they have a conflict of interest. The more they pay you, the less profit they make. That means they may offer you less than your claim is truly worth, even if it leaves you with bills. And in many cases, the insurance policy isn’t enough to cover all of your accident costs in the first place.

Talking to a lawyer gives you someone who’s on your side. Your lawyer doesn’t get paid unless you get paid, so they have the same interest as you—getting you the amount you truly deserve. Most importantly, a good lawyer will sit down with you for free and help you figure out what to do. In some cases that means they’ll recommend fighting for more. In others, they’ll recommend taking what the insurer offered. Either way, you’ll have a professional opinion that cost you nothing.

Whether you were injured in a car accident, or your loved one was, the answer is the same: always talk to a lawyer before you accept anything or sign anything from the insurance company.

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