Failed Cat Rescue Leads to Deadly Crash

One driver has been killed and another is seriously injured after an attempt to save a cat on the Florida Turnpike.

According to officials, 35-year-old Michael James Schneider was headed northbound on the Florida Turnpike when he saw a cat in the center lane of the highway. Schneider decided to park his pickup truck to rescue the cat.

Another car, driven by 75-year-old Mary Jane S. Alston was driving on the Turnpike southward when she struck Schneider, sending him rolling on top of her car and causing her to lose control of her vehicle.

In a statement by Florida Highway Patrol Sgt. Mark Wysocky, Alston was transported to a nearby hospital and later died. Schneider was taken to Broward Health North and is listed in critical condition. Officials add that the cat was killed at the scene of the crash.

Most people who travel on Florida highways, Interstates and turnpikes arrive at their destinations without incident.  Even in the best of scenarios and with the best of intentions, however, accidents can happen. Because there are a high number of vehicles, most of which are driving at high rates of speed, an accident is bound to happen. Because of the rate of speed of many vehicles on a freeway or high speed roadway, accidents can be very dangerous to those involved in them.

It is extremely dangerous for pedestrians to walk on turnpikes and other highways even in the case of an emergency. This man’s heart might have been in the right place trying to save this poor animal on a busy roadway, but it cost another person their life and put his own life in serious danger. After his recovery, he may well be facing a civil or wrongful death suit as a result.

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