Dog Poop Dispute Leads to Shooting

download-17Domestic disputes are another common cause of civil lawsuits. An argument between neighbors could lead to property damage or even physical injury. Sometimes the reasons behind an attack are quite petty, as in today’s case.

No one likes to see their neighbor’s dog poop on their lawn, but one man decided it was a justification to shoot someone. The man who was shot has undergone several surgeries, but is expected to recover. As for the man who did the shooting, he claims that he saw something shiny in the dog-walker’s hand and pulled his gun. When the dog-walker’s wife ran to aid her husband, he threatened to shoot her too if she interfered.

On further investigation, CBS Miami discovered that the shooter has called the police more than 90 times to complain about goings-on in the neighborhood. None of his neighbors would speak with the media due to fear of retaliation, but his bond hearing is expected to have reports from neighbors and police who have had to deal with the man’s un-neighborly behavior.

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