Car Crash Leads To Woman’s Dog’s Death

We often deal with the immediate results of a car accident, the damages to the vehicles, the hospital visits, or even, in some especially unfortunate cases, the mourning of someone whose life was lost in the crash. But we often forget that these accidents can bring about long-lasting consequences for everyone involved.

Take the example of this Florida woman whose fence was damaged in a car accident back in December. An on-duty police officer was driving a rented car when another person ran a red light and knocked him into the fence of a nearby residence, according to this report from WSVN.

Months later, the woman’s fence still was not fixed. Various insurance companies have denied responsibility, as have the police, even though it was an on-duty officer that crashed through her fence.

To make matters worse, weeks after the accident, the woman’s dog, Max, ran into the street after another dog and was hit by a car, killing him.

This woman now has no dog, a wrecked fence, and a ruined yard, not to mention a broken heart. A retired schoolteacher, this Florida resident won’t be able to afford to replace the dog or the fence. She may have to rely on her homeowner’s insurance, which will only raise her fees for years to come.