Wrong-Way Driver On Westpark Tollway Kills One, Critically Injures Three

One person was killed and three others were critically injured in a wrong-way crash on the Westpark Tollway this morning. ABC 13 has the story of what happened.

The accident happened just after 2 AM near Dunvale. Officers believe that the accident was caused by a “highly intoxicated” wrong-way driver in a silver Infinity. The driver of that car was also injured in the crash but is expected to survive. He faces charges of intoxication manslaughter.

“The message always, drunk drivers, is don’t drive drunk, but people are going to do bad things. For the innocent people out there, what we always try to tell them is, when you’re on a highway at night, if it’s a two-lane highway, stay on the right lane,” said one of the reporting officers.

“Because a lot of times when these drunk drivers get up here, they think they’re on a two-lane road when they’re going the wrong way. So it’s always dangerous at night to be on the inside lane of a two-way highway like the Westpark.”

The tollway was closed for several hours while police processed the scene. Police are searching for any 911 calls reporting the driver to get more information.

Our condolences go out to the families of the victims. We hope everyone hurt in the crash has a swift and complete recovery.