Multi-car Pileup Injures Many People

Credit: CBS4

Imagine sitting at a bus stop one day and witnessing a seven vehicle crash that ended when it hit the stop. That’s exactly what happened in May near a Shell gas station off of LeJeune road. Five people were sent to the hospital as a result of the crash.

The cars were all stopped at a red light, when another truck barreled through the intersection. It hit a Miami-Dade transport truck in the intersection then kept going, hitting a line of cars that were waiting at the light. One of the injuries resulted in a severed leg. The injured were transferred to Doctors Hospital and Jackson Memorial Hospital. The case is still under investigation. You can read reactions from the other drivers through the news link.

Chain reaction crashes like this aren’t uncommon. At red lights and in traffic jams, all it takes is one driver not paying attention to cause damage to many other cars. In the ensuing confusion it can be very difficult to determine who was injured by whom and how much. It’s an insurance adjuster’s nightmare and a nightmare for all who are involved.  When you’re in a case like this, you need skilled legal help.

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