Parasailing Crash Critically Injures Two

Two 17-year-old teens from Indiana are in critical condition at a Florida hospital after parasailing near Panama Beach on Monday.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the two girls were parasailing when a line attached to the boat broke and they crashed in to a building, power line, and a parked SUV.

The FWC is investigating the incident.

According to a release, Sidney Renea Good of Roanoake, Indiana, and Alexis Fairchild of Huntington, Indiana, remained hospitalized in critical condition at Bay Medical Center on Tuesday.

Eyewitnesses to the incident said that strong winds caught the parasail after it had come detached and tossed the teens around the beach. Both victims were unresponsive for several seconds after crashing into the side of The Commodore Condominiums and stayed remained so for several moments just before their parasail landed on the ground.

Tourist Amy Barron said she saw the women hit either a power line or a utility pole before they crashed in the parking lot.

FWC spokeswoman Karen Parker said investigators are looking into the possibility of an equipment failure and said that the investigation could be lengthy.

The sport of parasailing in the state of Florida is an extremely popular recreational activity for both tourists and residents of the state. However, parasailing has no official licensing requirements, industry standards or qualifications for companies that offer parasailing services. Because of this non-regulated status of parasailing, your own personal safety depends largely on the research you do about the company that you choose to use for your parasailing adventure.

Ask the company how long they have been in business. Parasailing companies are should be licensed not only by the State but also the City or County that they operate in. The Parasail Safety Council, a national origination, recommends that you insist that the captain who is operating the boat is a U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain.

Even taking all of the precautions to make certain your parasailing adventure is as safe as possible, there can be accidents. Injuries sustained can include falls, drowning, failure of equipment such as harnesses and parachutes, mechanical failure of winches, boats or other equipment on the towing vessel, or the parasail crashing into buildings, power wires and other objects.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a parasailing or other similar accident, give our offices a call. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine the exact causes of an accident, particularly if the accident involves a sport such as parasailing.  Our experienced attorneys and team of experts can help investigate all aspects of your claim. We will take the time to examine all of the details and we can help you receive compensation for your injuries, medical expenses or long term care. Your initial consultation with us is free.