Vehicle Crash During a Traffic Stop Kills One and Injures Several

An accident in Davie has left one person dead with three others, including a police officer, hospitalized.

According to Davie Police, the officer was attempting a traffic stop on a vehicle headed northbound on Davie Road at the 4800 block from the area of Stirling Road. The vehicle failed to stop and a second officer, who was driving southbound on Davie Road, tried to assist.

One of the officers was struck by the vehicle that had originally failed to stop. Of the three occupants were in that vehicle, one was declared dead on the scene of the accident. The officer suffered non-life-threatening injuries. He was removed from his cruiser and was airlifted to Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood. The two other civilians were removed from their vehicle involved and were also transported to Memorial Regional Hospital in critical condition.

Many motorists will be pulled over by a police officer at least once in their lives for things such as breaking a speed limit, a taillight out, or at a DUI checkpoint. Even at checkpoints, accidents can happen in a split second; especially on busy roadways. Sometimes stopped vehicles are struck by other drivers because of a failure by other drivers to move over.

In the U.S. since 1999 more than 150 law enforcement officers and those being stopped have involved in accidents. Some have been killed and hundreds more injured after being struck by vehicles along U.S. highways, freeways and roads. The law says that drivers must move away from the lane nearest to a stopped emergency vehicle such as a police or highway patrol cruiser, ambulance or fire or tow truck and to slow down. Even in the best of scenarios, and no how careful you are however, accidents can happen.

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