Trauma Survivors Celebrated At Kendall Regional Hospital

Earlier this month, Kendall Regional Hospital in Hollywood celebrated its 8th annual Trauma Survivors Day. Among the trauma survivors being celebrated at the event was Miami Police Officer, Mario Gonzalez who lost both of his legs in a crash that happened in February of this year.

CBS Local in Miami reports that the event was held on Wednesday, May 15th. Officer Gonzalez and other survivors got to meet the medical teams, police officers, and the first responders that helped each of them.

It was fellow Miami Dade Police Officer, Alexis Day LaSantos along with other first responders who first arrived on the scene of the crash that he was caught in while off duty. They applied tourniquets to both of his legs to stem the flow of blood and get him to a hospital quickly.

Doctors at the event said that every artery, nerve, and muscle in Gonzalez’ legs were shredded, so both legs had to be amputated. Officer Mario Gonzalez would spend nearly two months fighting for his life after the accident.

The Trauma Survivor’s event at the hospital was the first time that Gonzalez was able to meet the person who saved his life face-to-face. The encounter was a poignant one for both officers. “You could tell he was emotional too, because when you help somebody, especially to save your life like he did [for me], he also goes through it with you, Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez expressed his gratitude to the medical team who saved his life. He also said that he is determined to one day return to duty as a police officer so that he can continue to help others.