Surveillance Footage Catches Fatal Pedestrian Crash, Driver Didn’t Even Slow Down

A hit-and-run crash in Fort Lauderdale last week has left one person dead on Thursday, December 12th. Surveillance footage taken from a business near the scene of the crash indicates that the suspect driver in the incident didn’t even slow down.

CBS Local in Miami reports that the crash happened at approximately 2:20 a.m. in the 1000 block of Sunrise Boulevard when a man with an umbrella attempted to cross the street.  Just before reaching the other side, the driver of a dark vehicle hit the man who has been identified as Wilfredo Barberon-Santiago.

The impact the crash threw 53-year-old Barberon-Santiago’s body in the air and approximately 100 feet from where he had been crossing the street.  After the crash, the driver failed to stop or to render aid to the victim.

Investigators with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department obtained security footage from all three security cameras on the front lot at Broadway Auto Repairs.  Shop owner, Barry Marrero told CBS that Barberon-Santiago didn’t have a chance. “The person who hit him had no regard for the person they hit,” Marrero said. “They just kept driving, never stopped, like they didn’t care.”

After watching the footage, Marrero said police should be looking for a very specific type of vehicle.  He and police investigators are describing the suspect vehicle as being a gray or light blue four-door, small SUV such as a Jeep Renegade or Liberty, or a Ford Escape based on its body style.