Deadly Driver Turns Himself In

A well-known Miami chef and restaurateur has been released on bond for his involvement in a deadly car accident that happened last October.

Chef Jonathan Eismann, 52, was driving along NW 72nd Avenue when he hit a pedestrian near NW 3rd Street on October 10, 2012 with his Ford Explorer. Miami Police said that he was driving away from another crash that he had been involved in prior to striking the pedestrian.

Jean Carlos Ruiz, the father of a one-year-old child, died as a result of the accident. Attendees at a memorial service for Ruiz spoke of how he had always doted on his young daughter.

Police said that Eismann turned himself in on Saturday and was charged with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of another accident with injuries. Court documents show that Eismann was arrested at Miami-Dade Police Headquarters at 7 a.m./ on Saturday and booked into the TGK Correctional Center shortly afterward. Eismann’s bond was set at $16,000.

No reason was given by police as to why Eismann might have turned himself in several months after the incident.

The penalties for leaving the scene of an accident in the State of Florida are serious. According to Florida Statute 316.027 , if you are involved in a crash involving death or personal injuries you must immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the crash, or as close as possible. If you are involved in such an accident, then you must remain at the scene of the crash until you have been released by law enforcement. Never be tempted to leave the scene of an accident and never sign any statement or settlement with an insurance company until you have competent legal representation in your corner.  We can be your point of contact with insurers and medical professionals to help you get back onto the road of recovery after a devastating accident.

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