Police Officer Hospitalized from High Speed Chase

A South Florida police officer has been hospitalized after a high speed chase involving a subject in an earlier shooting incident. The suspect took off on a motorcycle in Florida City on Friday morning. During the chase the suspect crashed into an officer and kept going.

Both the officer and the suspect were taken to an area hospital for treatment. Their condition is not known. Emergency crews and police officers are often required to drive their vehicles at higher rates of speed in order to respond to emergency calls. Police engage in high speed chases in order to catch those trying to evade the law. Sometimes with these professionals travelling at high speeds, it can make for a dangerous situation.

When anyone travels at a higher rate of speed, accidents are more likely to happen. Most everyone knows what to do when they hear a siren. The best plan of action when you hear a siren is to get out of the way and let vehicles go by as quickly as possible.

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