Armed Robbery Chase Leads to Police Cruiser Damage

Source: CBS4

Hialeah Police offers were led on a chase by an armed robbery ending in the suspect’s Volkswagen Passat colliding with a police cruiser.  The armed robbery was reported at 2125 West 52nd Street in Hialeah. According to Hialeah police spokesman Det. Carl Zogby, it is unknown whether or not the victim of the robbery was hurt.

During the chase, there was a secondary accident that involved a Hialeah Police Department K-9 hitting another vehicle. Both the officer and the driver of the other vehicle were uninjured. However, the K-9 partner, Bill, was limping after the accident and was taken to Hollywood Animal Hospital to be checked out. Detective Zogby reports that Bill is expected to fully recover.

A total of three police vehicles were damaged in the chase.

When law enforcement is pursuit of someone trying to evade being caught and involved in a high-speed chase, serious accidents can occur. Sometimes these incidents with law officers in pursuit can involve property damage, personal injury or even fatalities. These incidents can cause not only injuries to the suspects trying to evade getting caught and the officers in pursuit, but also unsuspecting innocent bystanders who are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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