Man Injured after Cabin Cruiser Catches Fire from Battery Failure

A boater was injured after his boat caught fire in Key Largo, on Thursday morning.

According to police reports, owner, 58-year-old Robert Doyle was attempting to put out a small flame he had noticed on the boat’s battery. The rag he used caught fire and the fire began to spread through the rest of the vessel. Doyle informed police officers that he quickly jumped off the boat once it was clear that the flames were spreading.

Doyle was burned on the leg before jumping out of the 33-foot Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser. He was taken to Mariner’s Hospital for treatment.

Doyle indicated that he had been planning to sell the boat.

There a number of factors that can lead to an accident involving a boat. Most of these are completely preventable. Whether you are on a private boat, a jet ski or other type of water going vessel, the unexpected can happen, even when you are docked.

Some of the causes of accidents involving boats can include:

  • DWI (Driving while intoxicated)
  • An unexperienced operator or operator error
  • Vessel or equipment failure, as in this case
  • Unfavorable water and/or weather conditions

It is the responsibility of the owner of a boat or vessel to take proper precautions and to insure the safety of not only themselves and their vessel, but also to anyone who might be on board or in the vicinity. But even when every precaution is taken, sometimes accidents can happen.

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