Officer Struck During Funeral Procession

indexA police officer was struck by a truck while he was directing traffic for a funeral procession on I-95 this past week.

According to a spokesperson for the Miami Fire Rescue, Capt. Ignatius Carroll, the officer, Miami Police Motorcycle Officer Johnathan John, was struck by a Ford F-150 pickup truck and was knocked off of his motorcycle at around 12:30 p.m.

The driver of the truck stayed at the scene of the crash and was in full cooperation with police as other officers tended to the injured officer before emergency crews arrived on the scene.

The mounted officer was transported to Ryder Trauma Center and was listed in stable condition. The seven-year veteran of the Miami Police Force has since been released.

Officials say that an investigation is underway into the incident. It is unclear what led to the crash and whether the driver will be charged in the incident.

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