Man Who Struck Pedestrian Sends Photo of Corpse to Social Media

download (19)A grieving mother is outraged after the motorist who struck and killed her son uploaded pictures of his dead body to several social media websites.

According to authorities, Trevius Williams, 19, had been crossing the street in the 9300 block of Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville at approximately 8:30 p.m. on Sunday when he was struck by a motorist. Williams died at the scene of the accident as the result of the injuries he sustained in the accident.

The driver took a snapshot on his phone and sent it via social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the accompanying text: “I jus (sic) killed a man.”

Williams was crossing the street around 8:30 p.m. Sunday in the 9300 block of Lem Turner Road in Jacksonville, Florida, when the driver struck him. He died at the scene.

Williams’ mother, Connie Coles, is unable to understand why the driver who fatally struck her son has not been arrested and charged with his death.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office indicated in a statement that the driver in the accident, whose name has not been released, showed no signs of impairment but was not tested for drugs or alcohol at the scene. Detectives say that the driver cooperated fully with officers who responded to the fatal accident.

Connie Coles is angry that the driver was not tested for substances that may have led to driver impairment. “How would you know if he wasn’t tested?” she asked.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office said that Williams’ death and the accident are under investigation and it is ongoing. Authorities would not confirm if the driver in the accident is facing any charges.

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