Miramar Crash Hits Three Cars In Two Dealerships

Surveillance tape caught the moment of a crash on State Road 441 in Miramar that hit three cars at two different dealerships. NBC Miami caught the moment of the crash.

The crash happened just after 4 a.m. last Sunday. A convertible was driving south on the road and veered off into the dealerships. By the time the vehicle stopped, a ramp was on the trunk of the vehicle and three cars were damaged, one likely totalled.

The driver was injured, but is expected to survive. He was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital. The owners of the dealerships say that speeding along their section of road is a common occurrence. Racing is a possible reason, says one of the owners.

“It’s the second time that a car has hit one of the cars here on the line, I believe, in the past 6 to 8 months,” said dealership owner David Benichay.

Every day, cars run off the road and get into accidents. Sometimes it’s because of mechanical failure or a road obstacle, but all too often it’s because of reckless driving. We hope that the injured driver recovers, and learns their lesson. We also hope that the insurance companies cover the costs of repair for the damaged dealerships in a fair manner.