Man Leaps Out of Canal, Crashes into Fence

A man has been injured after his personal water craft crashed into a fence Thursday afternoon.

Emergency crews responded to an accident along 89th Avenue and Grand Canal Drive at around 12:15 p.m.

The victim of the crash was transported to Kendall Regional Medical. The man’s condition has not yet been released.

Officials are investigating in order to determine whether speed or alcohol played a role in the crash.

Spending the day out on the water is a part of summertime fun. In Florida, we are most active in water sports and have more waterways to enjoy than most any other state in the Union. While out on the water, no one ever gives much thought to the potential dangers that can happen in a personal watercraft accident. Boats, jet skis and other motorized watercraft are more powerful than many think that they are.

These water-going vehicles have the potential to injure riders, passengers and swimmers that are in the water. The speed and maneuverability that make jet skis and other personal watercraft fun on the water, often is what increases the risk of having an accident. A jet ski or personal watercraft is much like a motorcycle on the water rather instead of on the road. Research from the University of Florida has shown that personal water craft accidents are more common than boating accidents in Florida.

Some types of accidents may involve collisions with fixed objects such as retaining walls and fences. A watercraft may flood or even capsize. Any of these kinds of accidents can involve serious property damage, injury or even death. Medical costs after having an accident on the water may get very expensive. If long term care is required, it can be even higher and with the potential of ongoing and permanent and pain and suffering, you need a good attorney on your side.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a jet ski or other watercraft accident, call our offices and speak to one of our attorneys. Our legal professionals have years of experience in the Florida court system and can help you get what your case is really worth. When you call, one of our lawyers will go over the specific details of your case. They will then discuss your rights and possible actions that you can take for your personal injury case. Our firm prides itself on fighting for your rights and your just compensation that you are guaranteed by law. We will take the time to explain all of your rights to you and we can act as your point of contact with insurance companies and other individuals and businesses involved in your lawsuit. The call and initial consultation is free and strictly confidential.