Coke Truck Crashes into Home

Source: CBS4

A Coca-Cola truck crashed into a home located near the I-95 on Ives Dairy Road earlier this month. The event caused a pregnant woman who was inside the home at the time to go into premature labor.

According to the woman’s attorney, Otto Ospino told local reporter, Brian Andrews, that his client, Junaei Morales, gave birth prematurely to a baby boy the night of the accident, May 10th, at Memorial West Hospital.

The infant, according to Ospino, had been released just days ago from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and that Morales is solely focused on the health of her premature son at the present time to consider the accident.

According to the official Florida Highway Patrol crash report, the driver of a red Mercedes, identified as Laura Marcela Child of Hollywood, was at fault for the accident.

The report states that Child ran a red light at the intersection of Ives Dairy Road and NE 16 Street, crashing her vehicle into an on-coming Coca-Cola truck. As a result of the impact, the truck lost control and smashed into the Morales home. The impact caused enough structural damage to the property that the county condemned the house.

Attorney Ospino local news reporters in spite of repeated attempts to reach Coca-Cola in order to see if the company would offer up some sort of restitution for the Morales family, who had been forced out of their home and were now faced with medical bills as a result of the accident. Ospino said that as of Tuesday, Coca-Cola had not responded.

Local news station, CBS4, was able to contact Gorki De Los Santos, a spokesman for Coca-Cola.

“Our driver did not run a red light and did not receive a traffic citation,” said De Los Santos.  “We have not been contacted by the family’s attorney.”

Laura Marcela Child, the driver of the Mercedes, has said that she has also obtained legal counsel who has obtained footage from a surveillance camera on the night of the crash. Child believes that the video evidence will prove it was the Coca Cola truck that ran the light.

In cases such as this, it can be difficult to establish just who is at fault. Often insurance companies will want to offer a settlement that is well below what would be considered adequate compensation for the damage and injuries sustained in such an accident. This is why having an experienced attorney on your side and fighting for you is essential.

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