Man Guilty of Manslaughter After his Dog Killed a Child

Jurors have found a man guilty of manslaughter after his 7-year-old neighbor was mauled by his dogs.

Tyler Jett died in April a week after he had been attacked by two dogs belonging to Daniels. They attacked the boy while he was riding his bicycle. Daniels testified he didn’t know what had happened when he washed the blood off his dog that day.

The News Herald of Panama City reported that jurors for the case found that Daniels neglected to contain his dogs on the day they got loose and killed Tyler Jett. He was found not guilty of tampering with evidence for washing blood from one of the dogs after the attack. Jurors deliberated approximately two hours before returning the verdict against Edward Daniels.

Daniels, who has never had any previous criminal history, faces up to 15 years in prison when he’s sentenced on October 14th.

For all of human history, dogs and humans have enjoyed a close relationship. Dogs have been our trusted friends, our children’s playmates and our protectors. By some estimates, households in the United States own more than 75 million dogs as pets. With so many canine companions living among us, dog bites and attacks are unfortunate and almost inevitable occurrence. Some dogs are better trained than others, and they still have animal instincts.

An estimated 4.7 million Americans are attacked by dogs each year. Of these, an estimated 800,000 people will require medical treatment for dog bites. Most of the victims that die in a dog attack are children.

Most canine family members will go through their lives without ever having hurt anyone. However, dog attacks, sometimes with or without provocation on the part of humans, do happen. Injuries from dog attacks can be long term or even permanent. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of a dog bite, give us a call. You may be entitled to compensation for your dog bite injuries.

Dog bites can take many days or weeks to heal, and can cause long lasting psychological trauma for victims. Medical treatment, long term after care and the tragedy of funeral costs can prolong the agony to dog bite victims and their family. Our attorneys have many years of experience in dog bite cases and have successfully represented our clients in the Florida Courts.

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