Man Faces DUI Manslaughter Charges After Running Girlfriend Over With Truck

The Sun-Sentinel has reported on a tragic accident that left a mother dead in Plantation. Police believe that she was run over by her boyfriend’s truck.

The report states that the couple had been at a pool party for most of the day. They were drinking and got into a fight when they got home. Video surveillance caught the man, allegedly drunk, get into his truck. His girlfriend clung to the outside of the truck, presumably to get him to stop.

The man drove the truck out of the driveway. Once he was on the road, he hit the gas and accelerated to 25 mph, throwing his girlfriend off and hitting her with the back tire. He did not stay at the scene, but went to a gas station, bought some items, then came back.

When he came back and saw police and neighbors around the body, he didn’t look to see what happened but quickly rushed inside. Upon questioning, he said, “If I hit her, I didn’t feel it and it was an accident.”

Despite being over three hours since coming back from the pool party, the man still blew a 0.203 in a blood alcohol test. That’s two and a half times the legal limit. He was arrested for DUI manslaughter and leaving the scene of a crash without rendering aid.