Three Truck Collide and Cause Fuel Spill

Semi drivers and other transport drivers normally need to get extra training before they’re allowed to go out onto the roads. However, accidents still happen with these large and dangerous vehicles. According to WSVN news, there was an accident involving a semi-truck and two smaller transports on 110th street and 25th street. There was heavy rain at the time. You would be surprised how little water it takes to cause a vehicle to skid.

When the transports collided, one of them burst into flames and fuel spilled out onto the road. HAZMAT had to be called because the fuel leaked into a nearby canal. One person had serious injuries and was taken to a trauma center.

Sometimes an accident isn’t caused due to driver error. It could be faulty equipment on a vehicle, such as a tire blowing out. It could be weather related like in this case. If you’re in an accident, it’s important not to immediately jump to fault, either saying it’s your fault or accusing the other person. Lawyers can help you make that determination. When it comes to compensation, it is the law that determines this, not what the driver’s think. However, if you confess that you’re at fault then the law will take that under consideration.

In some cases it’s clear-cut who is at fault, but if there is any doubt at all give our offices a call first so we can discuss your case. We’ll examine the facts and see what we can do to help you. In crashes involving commercial vehicles things can get complicated very quickly. Let us help you make the best decisions in your particular case. Gather the facts, get treatment then give our offices a call. Our lawyers are standing by to give you a free consultation. Don’t wait.