Two Disney Buses Collide Near EPCOT

Even when you’re on vacation and leave the driving to someone else, there is still a chance of getting into an accident. Bus accidents can occur just as easily as accidents involving other types of motor vehicles and can end in injuries for passengers who are on board.

Such an incident happened recently at Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando on Tuesday, December 11th. NBC affiliate in Miami, WTVJ reported that a morning accident where one Disney Epcot Center buses rear-ended another and sent numerous people to the hospital.

Lt. Kim Montes with the Florida State Patrol indicated that the accident happened at approximately 10:00 a.m. in the parking lot toll plaza of the Epcot Center. The buses were probably going less than 20 miles an hour at the time.

Even at such a low speed, some passengers onboard were injured. Official sources indicated that there were 51 people on the buses at the time of the accident. A total of 15 people were taken to three different hospitals to be treated. Only minor injuries were reported in connection to the incident. Both buses suffered minor damage in the accident.

Another report indicated that the 21-year-old driver whose bus struck the other was ticketed and is currently on leave while authorities continue to investigate the cause of the crash.