Hit-and-Run Victim Awakens from Coma

Matthew Danchak was hit by an 18-wheeler last Friday on the Sawgrass Expressway in Coral Springs. He was crossing the highway after getting into a minor accident when he was hit. Police are still looking for the truck’s driver.
According to family members, Danchak is now out of a. He is expected to undergo surgery on Tuesday.

For a motorist to hit a pedestrian or other motorist in a hit and run accident is considered a very serious crime in the state of Florida. A hit and run accident is probably one of the worst types of accidents that can happen to anyone. To be hit by a moving vehicle that the driver does not bother to stop after the accident is nothing less than a nightmare.

It might be fear or the callousness of downright apathy that would cause a person to run after hitting and injuring someone. It will be a very serious charge for the trick driver when they are finally caught. Even though hit and run accidents are becoming more common across the country, law enforcement is becoming more successful in catching culprits.

After the accident, you will need to have the benefit of competent legal representation behind you. Don’t sign anything until you have spoken to a lawyer who is there to work for you.

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