Cyclist Victim of Hit and Run Dies

downloadA hit and run is always tragic, but it’s even more tragic when someone dies. With no witnesses, it can be very difficult to find out who actually committed the crime. Often the police turn to the media to spread the word about the incident and get leads.

Hopefully they will receive some for a fatal hit and run that happened in Fort Lauderdale. A man was riding a bicycle in the late evening on the correct side of the road. A car behind him bumped into his rear wheel, sending him flying into the path of the vehicle. He was struck in mid-air. The driver never stopped.

The cyclist was taken to a trauma center for his injuries, but died soon after. He was 39. A makeshift memorial has been erected on the site where the accident occurred.

Once the perpetrator is found, the police will definitely file criminal charges. However, the family may want to pursue civil charges as well. The loss of a loved one can hurt even more if that person was the major source of income for the household. Those who callously run from accidents should be forced to pay.

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