Hit and Run Driver Caught by Cyclists after Injuring Child

images (11)For a parent, there can hardly be a more terrifying thing than to see your child be hurt right before your eyes.

That is what happened when Miguel Ochoa was out for a jog. His son was riding his bicycle with him. Ochoa watched in horror as a driver struck his 8-year-old son and then callously drove away.

Miguel’s son, Sebastian was left with a femur fracture in his left leg. Emergency crews rushed the Third Grader to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Doctors had to put two rods into Sebastian’s thigh to secure the bone. Doctors say that Sebastian’s recovery will take about three months.

The Ochoa family is grateful to the efforts of the detectives and to a group of bicyclists that regularly ride around the area where the accident took place. The bikers were instrumental in identifying the car which led police investigators to the driver.

Coral Gables Police arrested Dennis Cerrato, 19, in connection to the hit and run accident that left Sebastian Ochoa severely injured. Cerrato is facing the charges of leaving the scene of an accident that involved serious bodily injury.

No doubt, Dennis Cerrrato is going to be facing some serious consequences for a hit and run. If anyone is ever involved in an accident, they have an obligation to stay put. This is especially true if there are personal injuries or even a fatality as a result. It is the law to have to stop their vehicle at the scene of an accident and remain there until they have been told that they can by law enforcement officers.

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