GM Issues Recall for Seat Belt Problem

indexGeneral Motors has announced another recall for its vehicles. This time, it affects more than a million Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks that have been sold across the globe. The defect is that the seat belts installed in those vehicles may not hold drivers in the case of an accident.

GM announced the recall on Friday indicating that the recall includes certain 2014 and 20165 model 1500 pickup trucks. At issue is a steel cable that connects the seat belts to the truck which may bend when the driver sits in the seat. Over time, this can wear and become separated, causing the belts to come loose and lessen safety protections in those vehicles.

The automaker claims that it found the issue by analyzing warranty data on those vehicles and no reports of crashes or injuries due to the cables has been filed. The trucks most at risk for the issue are those that are used by businesses where the drivers exit and enter frequently.

GM says that in spite of the large number of vehicles that are being recalled in this particular case, it believes that the repair costs will be covered from its normal warranty reserves.

Dealers were ordered by GM to not sell approximately 3,000 new 2014 and 2015 GM trucks until the repairs are completed. Current owners of vehicles in the recall will be notified in the near future.

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