Florida Judge Faces Loss of Seat Over DWI Arrest

Bill BradfordIn Miami, A Florida Judge has been suspended as the state Supreme Court continues an investigation into her DWI arrest earlier this month after she allegedly injured a man while driving intoxicated.

Judge Gisele Pollack has been suspended without pay while the investigation into the alleged incident continues as of Friday, May 23 when the ruling came down. She reportedly admitted having gotten into the accident after leaving a substance abuse program.  She also admitted to being intoxicated on the bench twice in the last year.

As is often the case with accidents, the damage done goes far beyond the most obvious injuries and fatalities. Families will always grieve the loss of loved ones and the injured will carry the very real pain and the remaining scars for the rest of their lives.

Beyond the emotional and physical trauma is the financial loss incurred in the resulting long term treatment for the survivors. Hospital bills, medication, and funeral arrangements as well as loss of income all compound to create an even heavier burden for the families of victims in an already difficult and traumatizing time.

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