Florida Moves Forward With Creation Of The Department of Environment Protection Proposal

Florida has been blessed with a beautiful climate and many natural wonders that can be seen on a daily basis. Taking care of our communities and our environment by keeping them clean is essential to everyone who lives here. Those who choose a career in public services, such as law enforcement, for example, are sometimes asked to go wherever they are needed. This is to ensure the public’s trust and provide a viable future for everyone.

The CBS Local station in Miami reports that 19 of nearly 800 law enforcement officers with the state’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be shifting to the Department of Environmental Protection. The move is being requested by Governor Ron DeSantis and is being presented before the State Senate for a vote.

DeSantis introduced the changes by executive order in January as a part of House Bill 5401. The Florida House voted on April 4th with a final count of 112 – 0 in favor of the legislation. The bill is set to move to the Florida Senate on April 24th for a final vote.  Governor DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law once it passes in the Florida State Senate.

In addition to transferring the 19 officers to the state’s Department of Environmental Protection, the bill would allow for the creation of the Division of Law Enforcement within the agency and would require its officers to provide more detailed documentation of any hazmat spills, oil spills or natural disasters in the area.