Boat Capsizes off the Florida Coast

Four people had to be rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard and other emergency crews after their boat capsized on Monday.

The four men were fishing on board a 23-foot vessel when it began to list to one side. Florida Fish and Wildlife officials noticed the boat was having an issue. The boaters were only out fishing for a few hours and on their way back to Haulover Marina when a rogue wave caused the boat to capsize.

Another boater who was in the area radioed the Coast Guard and a rescue vessel was sent to assist the capsized boaters.

The vessel did manage to be salvaged and was taken to a marina.

The boaters were fortunate. According to Waldemar Bartet, who spoke through a Spanish translator, they were grateful to be alive and thanked everyone who had helped them during the ordeal.

Boating accidents and vessels that capsize are fairly common in Florida. That is because our state has a wide range of recreational activities, including fishing, pleasure cruising and speed boating that are extremely popular not just with residents, but many tourists and visitors as well. Florida has the highest number of boats registered to private and commercial owners than anywhere else in the country. This is why boat safety is of primary importance.

The types of accidents that can happen vary, however, Flooding or capsizing is just one way for boating accidents to occur. Other accidents can involve collisions with other vessels, ski accidents, hitting fixed objects such as piers or other equipment, or accidents involving intoxication or driver inattention or inexperience.

Always check your equipment before setting out on a boating excursion. Make sure that all passengers and the drivers aboard the vessel are wearing life jackets, and pay attention to your surroundings to insure that everyone stays safe.

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