First Responders are Miracle Workers to Young Child

We don’t know exactly why the car crossed three lanes of traffic in Deerfield Beach, shattered a fence and fell into a canal.  We do know what happened to 3-year-old Aubrey as a result.

Aubrey was recovered after several minutes underwater.  The two dozen rescuers, the Good Samaritans, were on the scene nearly instantaneously after the wreck into the canal. She spent days in a coma, trying to recover – the biggest worry being that she had lost all of her mental faculties or gained physical disabilities due to the accident.

Her mother died in the accident, and it was believed that her mother was watching over her.

“She’s perfectly fine,” said her grandfather, “She’s walking fine.  All the results came out fine.  It’s like nothing ever happened to her.” The people at the hospital are deeming it to be a holiday miracle.

Young Aubrey was carried out of the hospital by one of the first responders that saved her.  She was interacting and acting like nothing ever happened.

Our first responders have the chance to be miracle workers every single day. If only everyone was as lucky as Aubrey.  There are often mountains of medical bills and other considerations after an accident.  Our bodily injury lawyers can help you figure out what the next steps are if you’ve been injured in an accident.