Family Seeks Help Finding Hit And Run Driver

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances; losing a loved one is always difficult. Unfortunately for the family members of the Cepeda and Luna families, who are now facing the loss two family members, the sense of loss is devastating. The investigation has so far produced few answers.   In an effort to get closure and begin healing, the grieving family has now turned to the public for help.

In a story that appeared on Miami’s CBS Local website, an unidentified driver of a Chevy Camaro struck and killed two men along highway 836 near the Florida Turnpike. The victims are identified as Cesar Cepeda and his father Jose Luna.

Cepeda lost control of his pickup truck along the highway and called his father for assistance. A Chevy Camaro fatally struck both Cepeda and Luna. He then abandoned the Camaro and stole one of the victim’s vehicles; Luna’s Chevy Equinox.

The stolen vehicle was abandoned a short distance away from the crash site and was found by the Florida Highway Patrol officers.

Law enforcement officials say that the owner of the Camaro has been ruled out as having been involved in the fatal crash. Investigators also say that they are turning to DNA evidence that may have been left behind in either the Camaro or the Equinox. They are also examining any traffic camera or Sunpass records which may help them identify the hit and run driver.

A family member, Josephine Sandelis-Cepeda, said in a tearful statement given to the media that, “I forgive you. Turn yourself in and let justice be served.”