Elderly Driver Crashes through Three Yards

In another amazing Miami story, an older driver took quite the wrong turn getting back to her home. The 60-year-old driver managed to put her Mercedes through three yards, mowing over fences, dodging swimming pools, and hitting a sunbather before coming to a stop against her own house.

The sunbather that was injured was taken to Broward Health Medical Center in serious condition. Her condition has since degraded to critical. The woman is in her late 20s. The driver of the Mercedes was also taken to the same hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Plantation Fire Rescue analyzed the accident and said that the driver misnegotiated a turn and possibly overcompensated as she drove down Southwest 21st Street. The driver caused a lot of damage to yards of the houses, including running over patio furniture and breaking wooden fences. The driver was lucky that she managed to avoid getting her car into a swimming pool.

Neighbors say that this isn’t the first time that they’ve seen this driver have an accident, citing crashes into mailboxes and trees.

Elderly drivers are very common on Miami streets. Florida is one of the premier states to retire due to its very warm weather. Unfortunately, elderly drivers are at a much higher risk for accidents, especially after the age of 75. Vision and cognitive ability decrease quickly after 75 to levels that can make it very unsafe to drive anymore. From the news article it does not appear that anything in particular happened to cause the incident. It was simply a matter of not controlling the vehicle correctly.

Still, if you have been injured due to an elderly driver then you need to get justice. Erratic driving is unsafe for everyone. If a driver is too old to drive safely, then they need to be taken off of the streets. That’s where our lawyers can come in. We can help keep unsafe drivers off the road and help you get the compensation you need to recover from injuries and property damage. Contact our law offices today to speak with one of our attorneys.