Dump Truck Crash Caused by Sleeping Driver According to Report

A final crash report reveals the driver of a dump truck –car crash in Miami was caused by the truck driver falling asleep at the wheel.

The report indicated that a toxicology test that truck driver, Larry Ellis, had traces of a non-narcotic medicine in his system. Although it is not a narcotic, the drug is known to cause drowsiness and to induce sleep.

Investigators say that Ellis had been driving eastbound when his truck rear-ended a taxi cab also heading east. Surveillance camera footage from a nearby business recorded the multi-car collision. On the video, dump truck appeared as if had been unable to stop as it crashed into a number of cars that were waiting at a red light.

Investigators say that the video also showed Ellis as having both hands on the wheel of his vehicle; however, Ellis was shown to be slouched over the steering wheel at the time of the fatal accident.

The impact of the dump truck sent nine other vehicles spinning in all directions and chain reaction crashes. A motor scooter and a shuttle bus were also among the vehicles involved in the accident.

During the investigation, Ellis told police detectives that his brakes had failed. However, investigators found no sign of the brakes having failed.

The accident left several people with severe injuries. Killed in the crash was Pamela Kay Plummer, 69, who had been riding as a passenger in the taxi.

Ellis, a 20-year city employee, is currently on paid administrative leave. While he is facing several citations, authorities have said Ellis will not be facing any criminal charges in connection to the accident.

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