Driver Falls off I-95 Overpass

A woman has been taken to the hospital after her SUV drove off of an I-95 overpass, flipping onto the street below in Miami on Thursday. Her Ford Explorer SUV drove off the highway and through a guard rail and fell about 15 feet at Northwest 17th Street and 5th Avenue around 7 a.m.

The female driver was transported by ambulance to Ryder Trauma Center where she was treated for facial trauma.

Every day drivers safely commute to and from their homes to their places of work and back again. Even when practicing the safest driving habits, sometimes accidents can happen. Poor road maintenance can also cause serious accidents to daily commuters. If a road has not been properly maintained, there could be liabilities involved if an accident should happen.

If a road has had poor maintenance, issues surrounding poor design, improper construction, issues with improper or inadequate signage, inadequate lighting, or any other kind of highway defects, all of these can be a contributing factor in the cause of an accident that results in serious injuries or even death. Liabilities can be traced to a road construction company who built the road, or even to the State.

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