Grandmother Falls Off Miami Drawbridge

Miami is full of waterways and drawbridges. Almost every driver here has sometimes been caught waiting for a drawbridge while a boat passes. But sometimes a drawbridge raises while conditions are unsafe on there. A grandmother has died after she fell 30-40 feet off a drawbridge that was raising.

The family is demanding to know why the bridge tender made the drawbridge raise while their loved one was out walking on the bridge. Bridge tenders are trained to look out for pedestrians and vehicles before raising a drawbridge.

The Florida Department of Transportation said that the bridge tender working the bridge that day had been on the job for a year and worked for a subcontractor. The worker has been suspended pending a full investigation. It is unclear how the accident happened since the warning lights and arms were working at the time of the incident.

It is quite likely that FDOT, the subcontractor, or their employer could find themselves facing a lawsuit due to this tragedy. After any tragic accident, a personal injury lawyer should be consulted to see if anyone is due proper compensation and to evaluate any settlements from insurance companies.

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