Car Crashes into Bedroom, Injures Homeowner

An elderly woman had quite a surprise when a driver accidentally lost control of their vehicle and slammed into the bedroom of her home.

Betty Trevisani, the homeowner, age 84,  has been living in her Hollywood, Florida home since 1966.

On Thursday afternoon, a driver went from the parking lot of the Hillcrest apartments across the street and into the bedroom of Trevisani’s home. “I just heard a loud bang! Someone from Hillcrest had backed up into the bedroom,” she said.

The impact sent cinder blocks crumbling and launched a lamp across the room. “It was like a disaster. It looked like a bomb had hit there,” said Trevisani.

Trevisani said the driver was a woman. She said she was conscious but needed help, so she called 911. “They took her out in a stretcher. All I heard from her was, ‘Help!’ that’s all, and that’s when I called police,” said Trevisani.

The 84-year-old woman was transported to Memorial Regional Hospital. According to the victim’s daughter, the woman is in serious condition and is suffering from a broken femur.

Trevisani is now waiting for an adjuster to start repairs at her home.

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