Arrest Made 1 Year After Fatal Hit & Run of Tow Truck Driver

Michelle SouliereFamilies of hit-and-run attacks certainly have reason to want justice, or at least to know who would hurt or killed their loved one and not even stop to help them in any way. This most definitely was the case for the family of David Chirinos, 43, a tow truck driver that was hit on the highway nearly a year ago. Finally, an arrest has been made.

According to his daughter and wife, Chirinos was a good father and husband, and he was a man that loved his tow truck. His daughter says that he’d spend hours in his truck, just sitting there or perhaps cleaning and washing it. He dreamed of working in the towing industry, doing longer drives along the Florida highways.

But, on one run, he was helping a stranded motorist following a reported car fire on the side of the highway when a red four-door BMW slammed into Chirinos, killing him, and just kept going.

Some days later, Gabard Macolson Guillot, 26, called authorities to say that he thought he’d killed someone on the road. Now, he’s being charged with leaving a scene of a traffic crash with death.

Guillot’s bail has been set to $10,000, and even if he gets out, he’ll be confined to his house and not permitted to drive. He’ll also have to turn in his passport upon release.

Hit-and-run’s can be devastating events, especially if they end in death. If you or a loved one has been a victim in a hit-and-run style, you are probably in a very hard position financially. But you may be eligible for compensation you insurance company didn’t tell you about. Call  us at Miami Car Accident Lawyers for free information about how a skilled attorney can help you get the support you need and deserve.