6-year-old Killed while Jaywalking with Grandmother by Teen Driver

An accident Wednesday morning has claimed the life of a 6-year-old elementary student and left her grandmother in critical condition.

Miami-Dade Police Department is investigating the case where the girl and her grandmother were walking to school in North Miami Beach when they were both struck by a 16-year-old driver. The teenaged driver was also on her way to school. Police indicated that the accident occurred just prior to school speed limits being in effect. Police investigators say that both victims were jaywalking when they were struck by the vehicle.

According to a statement by Lt. John Jenkins of the Miami-Date Police Department, the victims had been walking east, then tried to cross at 209 Terrace. It was then that a vehicle travelling northbound struck the two pedestrians.

The 16-year-old driver was a registered licensed driver in good standing and remained on scene after the accident. No charges have been filed. Police are investigating whether speed or distracted driving was at all factors in the accident.

The child was pronounced dead at the scene, while her grandmother was transported to Memorial Regional in Hollywood. She is currently listed in stable condition.

Teenagers have the potential of engaging in reckless driving and taking risks that an older driver would never do. Teen drivers are sometimes prone to act impulsively in traffic situations, whereas a more experienced driver would have handled their vehicle more cautiously. In these days of instant and constant digital devices, teen drivers are also far more prone to be distracted by digital music players, cell phones, and even video games. However, the pedestrians were not without fault either in this case. Jaywalking always puts pedestrians at risk because drivers are not expecting someone to cross the road at that point. It will be up to investigators to decide if they want to pursue charges.

Our attorneys have years of experience in personal injury and accident cases. When dealing with accidents involving teens, we know how the age and experience of a driver involved in an accident can play a factor. We also know that not all teen drivers are reckless while driving. Sometimes they can be the innocent victim in accidents as well.

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