Wrong Way Driver Kills Two in Ridge Manor

Wrong way driving leads to some of the worst crashes. Head-on collisions are dangerous due to the multiplication of force from two objects throwing all their momentum at each other. They’re also dangerous because road patterns are designed to avoid head-on crashes as much as possible.

A recent wrong-way crash reported by CBS Miami has claimed two lives and almost claimed the life of a deputy. The accident happened in Ridge Manor.

The sheriff’s deputy was ran off of the road by the wrong-way driver. Moments later, the wrong-way driver crashed into another vehicle. Both drivers were killed on impact. The incident happened around 1 AM on Tuesday.

It is unknown whether or not alcohol was involved, but intoxicated driving is a usual cause of wrong-way accidents.

Wrong-way accident injuries are severe, but they are easy to get compensation for. One driver is clearly in the wrong in a wrong-way accident. They must be made to pay. We can help you do that.

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