Witnesses Say Victim Was Dragged In Hit And Run

It takes someone who is very callous or extremely panicked to hit someone without stopping to take responsibility for their actions.

In a story which ran on the CBS local station, Miami Police investigators are now one step closer to finding the driver who was responsible for a hit-and-run crash on Tuesday. The crash has left one woman in the hospital in critical condition.

Authorities released identifying information about the make and model of car that was involved. By releasing the information to the public, police believe they will be able to find the driver.

Police say that they are currently looking for 2019 Infiniti Q60. Investigators believe that the front end has likely suffered significant damage and will likely be missing the Infiniti emblem from the front of the vehicle. The front grill, both fog lights, and the front and back windshields are likely to also have been damaged.

Police would like to question the driver of the vehicle regarding the crash which occurred at NW Second Avenue and NW 64th Street. The driver struck a 30-year-old mother of six, Shameka Cone and her boyfriend, Jay Cephus.

An eyewitness told CBS local reporters that the speeding car struck Cone and appeared to drag her as it fled the scene.

Cephus suffered a broken wrist and two broken legs while Cone remains at Jackson Memorial Hospital. She suffered broken ribs, internal bleeding and severe head injuries in the crash. She is still currently listed in critical condition.