Williams Entered Intersection Legally According to New Evidence

No matter who you are, every time you get behind the wheel of your car, or are traveling as a passenger while someone else is driving, there is always the potential of getting into a serious car accident.

That turned out to be the case for international tennis star, Venus Williams, when her SUV was broadsided mid-intersection earlier this month. The crash resulted in the death of the passenger in the other vehicle.

According an article appearing on the NBC Miami website, the accident that took place in Palm Beach Gardens earlier this month led to the death of 78-year-old Jerome Barsons.  Police at the scene initially believed that Williams was at fault in the crash that claimed Barsons’ life nearly two weeks later. Now, however, they’re not so sure.  On Friday police released traffic camera footage which has now led authorities to police to believe that Williams had in fact entered the intersection legally.  Such a determination could find Williams not having been at fault in the crash.

According to Palm Gardens Police Major Paul Rogers, when Williams’s vehicle was struck by a Hyundai being driven by Barsons’ wife, Linda Barsons, Williams had entered the intersection legally.  Williams had been forced to stop before clearing the intersection by a left turning vehicle in front of her. Authorities have not yet decided if or even when Williams would be cited or charged in the accident. So far no citations or charges have been issued.

The Barsons family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit and is seeking damages in excess of $15,000. Michael Steinger, attorney for the Barsons family, insists that the video footage clearly shows Williams in the intersection during a red light and was neglectful operation of a motor vehicle. Steinger said that Williams violated Mrs. Barsons’ right of way which led to the crash that caused Jerome Barsons to die as the result of his injuries.

Attorney Malcom Cunningham, Williams’ attorney filed a motion for a protective order to preserve any evidence that might be found when both vehicles are examined in depth by accident investigators. The motion was granted by a judge. Further investigation of vehicle evidence is set to move forward later in the week. Cunningham says that even though there is still no final determination of fault in the fatal crash, he is confident that his client will not face criminal charges of any kind.

This week, Williams is in England at the well-known Wimbledon tennis competition that she has won several times in the past. Williams said through a spokesperson that she is still deeply disturbed by the tragic incident and that she is keeping the Barsons family in her thoughts and prayers.

No one ever prepares themselves for that moment when they are caught in the aftermath of a serious or even fatal car accident. Investigations like this one can leave victims and their families wondering what to do or if they will ever gain a sense of closure.

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