No Charges in Williams Crash

Earlier this summer, a fatal accident involving tennis star, Venus Williams, and another driver, required police investigators to carefully examine all of the details surrounding the crash.

According to a story appearing on the Miami CBS Local website, Palm Beach Gardens Police investigators have rendered a final decision.  According to the report, no charges will be filed against Williams or the other driver in the fatal crash.

Police say that on June 9th, an unidentified third vehicle had illegally cut Williams off as she tried to cross a busy six-lane highway near her home. This caused a chain reaction that caused Linda Barson, 68, to slam into the passenger side of Williams’ vehicle. Barson’s husband, Barson’s husband, Jerome, 78, died 13days after the crash. Williams was unhurt in the crash.

According to lead investigator in the case, Officer David Dowling, video footage obtained from an area traffic camera shows Williams having legally entered the intersection from an access road from her gated community with a green light. As Williams attempted to cross, she was cut off by a dark sedan which forced her to stop. During that period of time, the light changed and Barson had the green light and struck William’s Toyota Sequoia with her Hyundai Accent.

Dowling said in a statement that by law, Williams was required to exit the intersection, and even though the green light was in Barson’s favor at the time of the crash, she should have ensured that the intersection was clear before proceeding.

The Barson’s attorney disagrees with Dowling’s conclusions in the case and a wrongful death lawsuit has been filed on behalf of the estate of Jerome Barson. The amount being sought has not been specified.

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