Three Dump Truck Collision on Griffin Road

Three dump trucks collided with two other vehicles at a well-traveled intersection, spilling diesel fuel and debris from the trucks on the roadway and leaving two people injured.

The accident took place Thursday afternoon on Griffin Road, east of State Road 7. One of the larger trucks was left with a ruptured tank, causing a diesel fuel to be spilled onto the roadway.

One of the accident victims was transported by ambulance to Broward Health Medical Center with minor injuries. The second accident victim was treated at the scene of the crash.

Emergency crews and a Hazmat team had to seal off one of the storm drains near the scene of the accident in order to prevent diesel fuel from going into ground water and potentially contaminating the water supply.

Many factors can play into the cause of an accident such as reckless driving, improper driver training, mechanical failures, unsecured loads, or a driver that is over fatigued or overworked. Dump trucks can be involved in very serious or even fatal accidents if there is any kind of negligence or even a slight mishap occurs. A dump truck tends to have a very high center of gravity, and will often weigh anywhere between 25 to 60 tons when fully loaded. In a collision, the contents that a dump truck is carrying can also pour out onto the highway and cause accidents that involve other drivers and their vehicles.

Dump trucks, unlike other vehicles, can flip over at speeds as low as 5 miles per hour. The driver of a heavy equipment vehicle such as a dump truck is required in most states to have a Class A driver’s license since they carry loads that are 26,000 pounds or greater. Class A driver’s licenses have very specific requirements including passing tests which covers not only a CDL Road Test but also:

  • Air Brakes
  • Pre-Trip Inspections
  • General Knowledge Testing
  • Combination Vehicle Testing
  • Basic Skills Testing
  • Testing for Applicable Endorsements

While getting a license of these kind calls for rigorous testing, this in no way insures that the driver that gets behind the wheel of a cement truck has enough experience. When the driver is not experienced or well-trained, or they violate safety regulations that were learned during training, the odds of an accident occurring are even greater.

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