Mexican Actor Punches Driver To Death In Road Rage Altercation

Road rage is occurring on more roadways across the country with increased frequency. Aggressive behavior targeted against fellow drivers, pedestrians and others has caused severe injuries and even death.

The CBS affiliate station in Miami, CBS4 reports that an actor from Mexico could be facing very serious charges after he punched another motorist and rendered him unconscious on Sunday, March 31st. That motorist later died.

The well-known 32-year-old Telenovela actor, Pablo Lyle, was arrested after he punched another motorist in an incident that happened in Miami that Sunday.

Police documents show that Lyle and his family were passengers in a vehicle taking them to the airport. Their driver allegedly cut off Juan Ricardo Hernandez, 63 while at the intersection of Northwest 27th Avenue and Northwest 14th Street. Eyewitnesses say that Hernandez got out of his car and approached the vehicle that Lyle and his family were riding in and began pounding on the window.

The driver of Lyle’s vehicle asked Hernandez not to pound on his window. Soon after, Lyle got out of the vehicle and punched Hernandez in the head. The punch knocked the older man unconscious.

Lyle then got back into his vehicle. Eyewitnesses at the scene confirm that Lyle left the scene and did not render assistance. Hernandez was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition to be treated for a broken skull and internal bleeding.  On Sunday, April 4th, Hernandez died as the result of the injuries he suffered in the incident.

After dropping off his family off at the airport, both Lyle and his driver turned themselves into the authorities. The actor told investigators he was afraid for his life and was especially concerned for the safety of his six-year-old son, who was in the car during the incident. On Monday, a court judge set Lyle’s bail at $5,000 and allowed Lyle to go back to his home in Mexico. Miami authorities have not stated whether or not they intend to upgrade the charges against Lyle since Hernandez’ death.