Alton Road Accident Leaves One Dead, Two Injured

Traveling late at night might seem safer because there are fewer cars on the road, but darkness, speeding, and potential DUI more than make up for it. A three-car crash on Alton Road in Miami Beach ended up with one person dead and at least two injured. reports.

The crash happened at 12:17 a.m. according to the police report. Three vehicles were involved in the crash on 27th Street and Alton Road. A Ford Mustang was traveling southward on Alton road and crashed into another vehicle before striking a tree.

Two of the three people in the Mustang were taken to the hospital. One of them, a passenger, died upon arrival. The report does not say anything about the second injured person. The car that was struck also went out of control and hit a parked car.

Police closed the road for several hours while they performed their investigation. No charges have been filed yet.

If you must drive late at night, take precautions. Make sure you’re not tired while driving. Tired driving can reduce your judgment and reaction times as much as driving drunk. Also, drive more defensively than usual. You never know who might be a drunk driver on the road late at night. Take your time, and you’ll be fine.