Three Bus Chain Reaction Accident Near Miramar High School

A school bus accident can be especially worrisome for parents for a number of reasons. The lack of seat belts and other safety equipment means that students run a real risk of injury. It is thought that their weight keeps them safe, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe vehicles in an accident.

Such an accident involving three school buses happened on Tuesday, December 18th in Miramar. The accident resulted in several students being taken to the hospital.

According to a story appearing on the NBC affiliate station in Miami, the crash happened a little before 8:00 a.m. near Miramar Parkway and Dolphin Drive. The accident site was located approximately a half mile from Miramar High School.

Tania Rues, a spokesperson for the Miramar Police Department said in a statement that the crash was caused when one Broward school bus carrying Miramar students stopped suddenly and caused two other buses behind it to crash into each other in a chain reaction.

A total of 67 students were on the three buses at the time of the accident. Only five of the students needed to be transported to Memorial Hospital Pembroke to be treated for minor injuries.

Authorities say that the crash is still currently under investigation. No further information has been released at this time.