3 Injured in School Bus Crash

When you send your children off to school, you probably can’t help by worry about their safety. It’s only natural for parents to feel that way, especially when, in recent years, school have not always been the safest place for our kids. Even when going to and from school in a school bus, we can never guarantee our children’s safety. Take the example of this Tampa Bay area school bus.

Apparently, a school bus from Pasco County was travelling along Interstate 75 when a 2000 Mazda 626 hit it. 56-year-old James Yan Jr was driving the vehicle and was preparing to get on an onramp when he hit the bus.

Yant and his two passengers, 23-year-old Felicia Smith and 27-year-old Frederick Whiting, sustained injuries and were taken to a Tampa hospital for treatment.

In addition, four of the students on the buss, attending Wesley Chapel High School, were also injured, though not seriously. They were released from the scene to their parents and not taken directly to the hospital.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, charges are pending. Thankfully, none of the children were seriously hurt.

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