Tattoo Shop Catches Fire from Electrical Short

Investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that broke out Tuesday just before 6:00 a.m. at a tattoo shop in a strip mall located along Northeast 125th Street and Seventh Avenue. According to investigators with the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Battalion, the fire started in the tattoo shop as a result of an electrical short.

Fire crews were called to the scene and had the fire under control in about an hour.

Other surrounding businesses, including a MetroPCS and a furniture store, sustained smoke damage from the blaze.

Whenever a fire breaks out, catastrophic destruction and serious personal injury can result. Because a fire can cause loss of property as well as jobs and livelihoods, recovering after your home or business has suffered a fire can be both devastating and time consuming. Generally, a fire can happen for any number of reasons such as:

Electrical wiring that is faulty or frayed

  • Defective appliances or equipment
  • Chemical reactions from solvents and cleaners
  • A natural gas or propane leak
  • Arson
  • Flammable objects too close to heat sources.
  • Negligence with flames, candles, lighters, cigarettes or barbeque grills

If you have been injured in a fire, it can take weeks or even months to heal from the injuries. Rehabilitation and physical therapy as well as constructive surgery may also be needed before there is a complete recovery. The expenses surrounding such care can add up and become overwhelming very quickly.

If your home or business has been damaged or you or a loved one has been hurt in a fire, you will need someone to help you get back up and running. We will act as your point of contact for insurance and all other interested parties and we will make sure that you are fairly compensated for your losses. We are here to give you the best advice for your personal situation. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation and legal analysis.